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BuzzTo is a Toronto-based website design and web development company specializing in design, digital marketing, eCommerce optimization and mobile application development. Our complete solutions deliver measurable results that will drive your business online, grow your fan base and increase revenues with real conversions.

BuzzTo was founded in 2006, and for over ten years, the BuzzTo team has designed, developed and implemented some of the most successful websites in Toronto, Canada. After years of hard work and great innovation, BuzzTo has managed to build a very impressive client base, establishing itself as on of the top web design and development firms in Toronto.

With all that “Buzz” coming from their impressive portfolio, BuzzTo caught the attention of many investors and was acquired by iMediaDesigns in 2015. Collectively, our team is now over 30 strong, with offices located in the heart of Toronto, at the intersection of Dundas and University St.

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