AYR A label for women who can’t be labeled.

E-commerce, Women’s Clothing

AYR is an online women’s clothing retailer renowned for the simple design philosophy and one-of-a-kind collections that capture the essence of urban femininity. BuzzTO revamped AYR’s e-commerce website to a glamorous one that conveys an iconic modern brand image, elevated their direct-to-consumer capability to a whole new level.

We manifested AYR’s bold site experience and facilitated purchasing process with Shopify platform. To address the time urgency, we shortened the project timeline by following agile methodology when discovering, designing, developing and testing the new website.

The new website presents highly personalized products and content based on targeted customers’ purchasing behavior. To showcase the quality of the fabrics, we enabled shoppers to zoom in any product image for a more detailed view on any screen size.

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